2020 Steelers Stats


Total Offense: 5,354 yards (25th)

Offensive Touchdowns: 50 (T-10th)

Offensive Plays Per Game: 66.3 (7th)

Total Points: 416 (12th)

Rush Attempts: 373 (28th)

Pass Attempts: 656 (1st)

Run/Pass Split: Run 34.52% / Pass 65.48%

Unaccounted for Targets: 64

Unaccounted for Carries: 169


Projected Win Total


The Steelers over/under for wins is currently at 8.5 going into the season. The Steelers are at a crossroads. They were much better than expected last year but that was a fluke. Their offensive line is bad, Ben Roethlisberger is done, and they don’t have weapons around him. Eight and a half wins is an accurate over-under for the Steelers but I’m more comfortable with the under due to their uncompetitive offense in the ultra-competitive AFC North.


Steelers Fantasy Strength of Schedule 


SOS is measured by calculating the fantasy points allowed by each team’s opponents to determine who has the easiest and most difficult fantasy schedules (rank #1 has the easiest schedule).


QB: 2nd

RB: 14th

WR: 13th

TE: 1st


Steelers Fantasy Passing Game


QB: Ben Roethlisberger, Mason Rudolph, Dwayne Haskins Jr.

WR: JuJu Smith-Schuster, James Washington Ray-Ray McCloud

WR: Chase Claypool, Diontae Johnson, Cody White

TE: Eric Ebron, Pat Freiermuth


The Steelers do not have any fantasy stars on their offense. Ben Roethlisberger will not put up good numbers and none of his receivers will be great. The most attractive player on the Steelers offense is Eric Ebron. Ebron is a potential top 10 fantasy tight end and he should get a lot of action due to Roethlisberger continually getting rid of the ball before any routes have the time to develop down the field. Ebron could get some Red zone attention and he should be more than satisfactory as a backup or low starting tight end. He has the potential to flourish but he’ll be limited by his teammates.


One player that is not worth a high pick is JuJu Smith-Schuster. While Smith-Schuster flourished back when Antonio Brown was still in Pittsburgh he has been mediocre since. Smith-Schuster flourishes out of the slot but because of the Steelers lack of weapons, he does not get to play as much in the slot as he would like. Teams play their top cornerback against him and he has yet to be able to do well in those matchups. He might be okay as a third receiver or as a backup but he is definitely a matchup by matchup decision.

Chase Claypool is an intriguing pick. Claypool would be good value as a number three receiver if he was on any other team but the Steelers. Unfortunately for fantasy owners, he’s on the Steelers. Until the Steelers move on from Roethlisberger the Steelers pass-catchers will be severely limited and how much they can produce especially with all the issues they are having on the offensive line (more on that later).


Steelers Fantasy Running Game


RB: Najee Harris, Benny Snell Jr., Anthony McFarland Jr., Kalen Ballage

2020 Offensive Line Rank: 32nd


James Conner was the main running back last year for the Steelers. He signed with the Cardinals and now the Steelers are searching for a new lead back in their offense. Najee Harris will try to take that spot. Harris is ranked as the 20th best running back in the NFL. He has yet to take an NFL snap. Harris has the potential to be a bright spot on a weak offense.

The offensive line will hold Harris back. Starting offensive linemen Alejandro Villanueva, Matt Feiler, David DeCastro, and Maurkice Pouncey are all no longer Steelers. The Steelers offensive line was really bad last year. They have the potential to be even worse this year. The Steelers won’t be able to buy their offensive line more time with play action because defenses won’t need to fear it. Without an offensive line or the threat of a big pass play, Harris will have a tough time generating big-time stats. With that said, he’ll get plenty of opportunities and he could be a number two running back. Like the rest of the Steelers offense, he should be a game-by-game decision.