With Ed Reed going into the Hall of Fame over last weekend, I want to write about which players, who are on the Ravens now, will be next for the trip to Canton. My only requirement is that they have to have played one season, and played with some regularity. Obviously any player could breakout, so I will be limiting my selection to four players plus a bonus.


One of the players I focused on last article was Justin Tucker. He is the most accurate kicker in NFL history, and if he continues to produce every season he should make the Hall of Fame. He can kick from far as easily as short. Tucker does need at least ten more great seasons to go in, but if he does, he definitely deserves to go in. He will have the stats, records, and he does have a ring for those people who feel Hall of Famers must have a ring.


One of the most underrated players on the Ravens, is Marshal Yanda. He is a seven-time Pro Bowler and has been All-Pro twice. He is versatile and unbeatable. I couldn’t find the stat but from what I remember he hasn’t give up a qb pressure in years. He can play both sides of the offensive line and he is a leader on and off the field. He has the resume, ring, and after twelve years in the league, he is one of the most respected offensive linemen in the league. I believe that he will retire within two years and he should and probably will make the Hall of Fame.


One of the most talented Ravens is Marlon Humphrey. He is an absolutely shutdown cornerback, as well as being clutch, and covering anyone in the league. For instance, last year in his second NFL season he covered Tyreek Hill, Julio Jones, Michael Thomas, Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, A J Green. He also had to deal with Antonio Brown and Jarvis Landry twice. Those were only some of the big-name talent he covered last year. In 2018 throwing on him in the fourth quarter was a death wish. He has the talent and I think he will be the best cornerback in the league within three seasons. If Marlon can stay healthy and keep on improving and playing well, he could be a first-ballot Hall of Famer.


When Lamar Jackson was drafted by the Ravens, he came into a league that hadn’t seen anything like him since Michael Vick. Everyone knows about Lamar’s athleticism and mobility, but most people overlook his arm. Lamar has a good arm, and he hasn’t even started to develop his passing game. He has great vision, and all the Ravens training camp reports are saying how he is getting better every day. For Lamar to make the Hall of Fame, he will have to stay healthy, throw effectively, and run well. If he can do that he should have five hundred touchdowns combined between running and passing. That is a Hall of Fame resume, but the key for Lamar has to be, stay healthy.


One of the most surprising moves of the Ravens offseason wasn’t their decision. T-Sizzle decided to surprisingly leave Baltimore for a rebuilding Arizona Cardinals team. Suggs is a definite first-ballot Hall of Famer. The seven-time pro bowler has two defensive player of the year awards. He will make the Hall of Fame and he will go in as a Raven. Despite the fact he isn’t on the Ravens now, he deserved to make this article. Since Ray Lewis retired Suggs has been the leader of the Ravens, bringing them to the playoffs twice, as well as getting the Ravens into a win and you’re in situation twice. His legacy in Baltimore is undeniable, and I can’t wait to see him in the Ravens home opener at M&T Bank stadium.