I went 11 of 16 on my week one NFL predictions. Not the best results, but every prediction I got wrong, was an upset.


What I got right.


Ravens vs. Browns

Bills vs. Jets

Chiefs vs. Texans

Packers vs. Vikings

Raiders vs. Panthers

Saints vs. Buccaneers

Seahawks vs. Falcons

Patriots vs. Dolphins

Titans vs. Broncos

Chargers vs. Bengals

Steelers vs. Giants


Here's what I got wrong and why.


Cardinals vs. 49ers

The Cardinals fed DeAndre Hopkins the football, as he recorded a career-high 14 receptions.


Washington Football Team vs. Eagles

The Eagles offensive line couldn't protect Carson Wentz, and consequently, the Eagles couldn't protect the football.


Rams vs. Cowboys

The Rams looked like they regained their 2018 form. Cam Akers did well as he takes over for Todd Gurley.


Jaguars vs. Colts

The Jaguars rode the hot arm of Gardner Minshew to victory. Minshew went 19 for 20 with three touchdowns. Philip Rivers threw two interceptions which ended up costing the Colts the game


Bears vs. Lions

Mitch Trubisky led a late comeback which won the game, but he was horrific in the first half.