My big regular-season prediction has failed. The Ravens will not be going 16-0. I posted my worst week yet (10 of 16)  with my preseason predictions, but let's take a look.




Dolphins vs. Jaguars

49ers vs. Giants

Patriots vs. Raiders

Bills vs. Rams

Browns vs. Washington Football Team

Titans vs. Vikings

Panthers vs. Chargers

Colts vs. Jets

Seahawks vs. Cowboys

Buccaneers vs Broncos




Bengals vs. Eagles

This matchup ended in a tie. The Eagles look horrendous and it's time for the Eagles to find a new starting quarterback.


Bears vs. Falcons

The Falcons blew yet another lead, as Nick Foles came off the bench and delivered a miraculous comeback for the win (sound familiar?)


Texans vs. Steelers

The Texans couldn't keep up with the Steelers as they lost by a touchdown. On a side note, the Texans have had the hardest start to a schedule in NFL history.


Lions vs. Cardinals

Hold up on the Kyler Murray hype, as he tossed three interceptions against the woeful Lions.


Packers vs. Saints

I made a bold prediction saying that the Saints and Ravens would beat their week three opponents in the regular season and postseason. Both the Saints and Ravens lost in week 3.


Ravens vs. Chiefs

The Chiefs showed why they're the defending champions, as Lamar Jackson struggled in primetime.


Overall game predictions for 2020: 35 of 48